Help with Twitter Application

Jul 22 2010 1:45 PM
Hello Folks,
I am developing an application in C# that searches the Twitter accounts through Twitter API. I am having a problem with the application, I have searched a query from the Twitter and now I want to get the result decoded from the xml file generated. This file is at JSON endpoint.
Warm Regards,

This is the code I am trying to implement.

SearchQuery = tbx_SearchQuery.Text.Trim();
            Twitter.PublicTwitt myTwitter = new Twitter.PublicTwitt();
            string strReslut = "";
            XmlDocument xmlResult = null;
            strReslut = myTwitter.GetSearchResult(SearchQuery, true, Twitter.OutputFormatType.json);
            xmlResult = myTwitter.GetSearchResultAsAtom(SearchQuery, true);