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Highlight Table Row

Jun 6 2023 9:43 AM


  I have below code & id record is want i want to highlight Book column of that row in a table

View_SessionDeliveryParticipant_Detailed Result = bALSessionDeliveryParticipant.GetSessionDeliveryParticipantBookHistory(Convert.ToInt32(ddlBook.SelectedItem.Value), StudentCollection);
if (Result != null)
    //Highlight column student of that row in a table
<table class='table table-bordered table-hover datatable-highlight' id='tbldata'>
            <th>Session Date</th>
            <th>Session Start Time</th>
            <th>Session End Time</th>
            <th class='nosort'>Student</th>
            <th>Session Status</th>
            <th class='text-center nosort' runat="server" id="ActionCtrls">Action</th>
            <%--<th class='text-center nosort' runat="server" id="Th1">Zero Attendance</th>--%>
        <asp:PlaceHolder ID="PlaceHolderTable" runat="server"></asp:PlaceHolder>


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