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How to click a button on a webpage?

Feb 23 2016 2:59 PM
Okay - here's what I'm trying to do. Our company has a report that is saved as webpage on our intranet. The webpage is a Sequel Viewpoint Web Interface report our CFO created. There are option buttons on the webpage to save the results. Clicking the Save Results button brings up a Download option that brings up a hierarchy of choices (Word, Excel, PDF, etc -  see image below). I'm trying to figure out a way for our Administrative Assistant staff press one button (or run a bat file) that will open the webpage and click the buttons to open a save as window (or save to a preset location).
Currently, they have to open the page and click through the options then save it manually. I have been able to train one of them how to perform these steps but the others are not as technically adept as she is. I have attached the source for the Sequel page, if it helps. Any ideas??  

Attachment: website.rar

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