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How to Connect Windows Mobile with thermal Printer to print sales slip ( Motorola MK500 / MC9190-G / MC70 / MC75 / HP windows mobile)

May 17 2012 11:17 AM

Dear all,


I want to know how i can Print a Barcode in my Sales slip from a Windows Mobile Device (Motorola Symbol Devices ) in wi-fi mode to Epson Thermal printer.

i want to print a barcode combination of current date-time + auto-number.


i have a MC9190-G device ( Motorola Symbol), want to scan a Item at store then add some quantity then click on print button and take print out from Epson Thermal Printer or any kind of Thermal Printer in wireless (network Printer)?


im using .NET 3.5 ( VS 2008)

using Webservices(.ASMX) to connect Server ( .DBF file) not using MSSQL


So far i Install Epson Thermal printer in my pc, and working fine...need to take print from direct device to wireless printer / network printer.


Thank you all very much.


with regards


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