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How to create a repeater that makes a new row every 3 items?

Feb 23 2019 11:46 AM
In my .ts file, I have an array of company details.
In my HTML, I'm then using ngFor to display these companies using the following code:
<div class="card-deck">
<div class="card" *ngFor="let company of companies">
<img src="..." class="card-img-top" alt="...">
<div class="card-body">
<h5 class="card-title">{{ company.companyName }}</h5>
<p class="card-text">Industry: {{ company.industry }} Share Price: {{ company.sharePrice }} Rating: {{ company.starRating }}</p>
<a href="#" class="btn btn-primary">Go somewhere</a>
<p class="card-text"><small class="text-muted">Last updated 3 mins ago</small></p>
This displays the companies on my page, but they are all in one row.
For example, if I have 3 companies, they are all in the same row. If I have 10 companies, they all stay on the same row.
What changes do I need to make so that there is only max 3 companies on one row of cards? 

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