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How to create an ASMX web service on sharepoint 2010 Using VS2010

Aug 9 2012 1:55 PM
Hi, here am showing how to create , deploy and test sample an asmx web service on sharepoint 2010.

Start a new Empty SharePoint project i.e SharePointWebService
And enter your target webapplication URL

 Project looks like this

Now right click on project and select  unload  project

Now edit the project by right clicking the project

 Now add <TokenReplacementFileExtensions> tag after <sandboxsolution> tag

Save the file and close it. Now right click on project and select reload project.

Now add System.web.webservice dll to project

Now add one class file

And name it as "SharePointASMX.cs"

in this class file , we will write web methods and their implementation. For this we need to do following steps: add one name space i.e "using" (1) , add webservicebinding information(2) , implement Webservice class(3) and then add your web methods(4).

Now we need to add asmx file to layout folder which is in 14hive/templates/layouts.

right click on project --> select add --> SharePoint "layouts" Mapped folder

Afer adding SharePoint layouts mapped folder , solution explorer looks like this.

Now add one .asmx file. For this right click on subfolder in "Layouts" folder and select "add" then select "New Item".

Now select Code-->XML file--> enter file name extenstion as "asmx". here it is "SharePointTestService.asmx".

Now this SharePointTestService.asmx should contain single line

<%@ WebService Language="C#" Debug="true" Class="SharePointWebService.SharePointASMX, $SharePoint.Project.AssemblyFullName$" %>

Now save all the file and Deploy by right click on project and select deploy.

After successfully deployment of webservice we can test the service by using the following url

http://<<servername>>/_layouts/<<subfoldername in Folder>>/<<webservicename>>

i.e http://udaykumarreddy:6969/_layouts/sharepointwebservice/sharepointtestservice.asmx

How to use the created webservice in sharepoint

Here am creating one visual webpart which wil consume already created webservice

Create new visual webpart project

Now specify SharePoint site URL

Am adding one label to visual webpart to display message coming from web service

Now am adding web service to project

Here am checking my webservice working or not, if  i got the response from service then specify the webservice name in Web reference Name. i.e ukreddywebservice

 Now expand visual webpart and double click .cs file.

first i need to crate instance for the web service like ,

 ukreddywebservice.SharePointASMX serviceproxy = new ukreddywebservice.SharePointASMX();

after creating instance now call the web method and store response in response object.
            var response = serviceproxy.HelloUday();

Now displaying response message in label

            lblMsg.Text = response.ToString();

Now save all files and Deploy the project.

now we can see the result from the web service in webpart.