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how to display category name for c and x from table category without u

Feb 1 2022 10:19 AM

i work on sql server 2014 i need to get categories c and x without using self join

but i don't know how to make that

my data sample

create table #category
 categoryc  int,
 categoryx int
 insert into #category(categoryc,categoryx)

 create table #categorydetails
 categoryid  int,
 categoryname nvarchar(300)
 insert into #categorydetails(categoryid,categoryname)

 select d1.categoryname as categoryc,d2.categoryname as categoryx from #category c
 left join #categorydetails d1 on d1.categoryid=c.categoryc
 left join #categorydetails d2 on d2.categoryid=c.categoryx

so how to get data above without using self join

are there are another way to do that without using self join

expected result

categoryc categoryx
bmw mercedees
feat toyota
mazda suzoky

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