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how to display inside the leaf node using tree view?

Sep 28 2015 11:50 AM
hi Friends,
i am using tree view in my web application.... i am showing the design i want to that page  at run time if i click on Pune city so name:abcd,age:25 etc should be display...please send me solution  please dont share me link becz already checked but  i am not getting....
i created the design page like as 
<asp:TreeView ID="Treeview1" runat="server" Width="100%" Height="50%" OnSelectedNodeChanged="Treeview1_SelectedNodeChanged1">
<asp:TreeNode Text="INDIA" Value="INDIA">
<asp:TreeNode Text="Maharastra" Value="Maharastra">
<asp:TreeNode Text="Pune" Value="Pune"></asp:TreeNode>
<asp:TreeNode Text="Mumbai" Value="Mumbai"></asp:TreeNode>

<asp:TreeNode Text="US" Value="US">


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