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How to display word document dynamically

Sep 2 2011 4:53 AM
hi i have 2 modules employee and employee module i have a page reports day wise and task wise.

day wise reports can be saved in local folder as daywisereports/username/taskname/ problem is i want to display in admin module..

when admin selected daywise reports he has options select username,taskname,and date then i wnat to display the word document in admin page..plz help me in getting this

and another task is taskwise reports..taskwise reports can be saved as taskwisereports/username/taskname/report1.doc

in taskwise reports suppose the task has a time to complete 3 days employee can submit 3 reports..the 3 reports can be saved as report1.doc,report2.doc,report3.doc

these 3 documents also visible as single document in admin when he selects the user id and taskname..plz help me getting this