How to generate a group of file names in SQL?

Feb 17 2011 10:47 AM

Hello all -
I have serveral staff members that have certain file names associated to their titles.  We have to have these file names specific per employee...... Example: beth has file names = beth100 - beth400. 
If I were to create a windows application ( 2008 pro) with 2 text boxes that I could input beth100 in one and beth400 in the other how would I create the database to generate all the file names (sql 2005 express - I believe that's what comes with 2008 pro).
In other words, I need an entry into the database that will be:
beth100, beth101, beth102, beth103 and so forth.
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forgot to mention I will be using visual basic for the code.

Hope this is understandable.
Thanks in advanced

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