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How to generate AAD token using IIS - Win Int Authentication

Mar 3 2020 4:35 AM
How to generate AAD token using IIS - Windows Integrated Authentication (Kerberos) enabled?
In AS-IS case, all the applications are deployed on private network and only exposed to internal users. Users logged in via their windows system credentials are authorized to call web based application (Angular) deployed on IIS with Windows Integrated feature (kerberos) enabled. Authenticated users further calls the APIs end points. There is no APIs authentication in place as of now.
Now to place a security around the endpoints, it's recommended to get it authenticated via AAD but it should not prompt user with the login page.
I was looking for Microsoft.Identity.Client library to implement this but did not get much documentation or any example around it.
Further Details are mentioned in the Stack overflow - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60504855/how-to-generate-aad-token-using-iis-windows-integrated-authentication.

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