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How to get Dates into Text Boxes from DateTimePicker

Jan 1 2016 9:44 PM
Happy New Year Everyone!
I am working on an application that I'm building.  I have currently a tablelayout control on my form, along with a date time picker set to select month and year only with up/down selector.
I have labels in my table that I would like to basically show the dates of each month as they would on a calendar in my labels.  Any idea how I would do this or do you recommend another approach.  I would like to do it this way because I have other cells in the tablelayout  control that will display collections based on the date.
Is there an easier way to write this code than in this manner?
if (scheduledatepicker.Value.DayOfWeek == DayOfWeek.Sunday)
lblW1D1.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(0).ToString("dd");
lblW1D2.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(1).ToString("dd");
lblW1D3.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(2).ToString("dd");
lblW1D4.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(3).ToString("dd");
lblW1D5.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(4).ToString("dd");
lblW1D6.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(5).ToString("dd");
lblW1D7.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(6).ToString("dd");
lblW2D1.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(7).ToString("dd");
lblW2D2.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(8).ToString("dd");
lblW2D3.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(9).ToString("dd");
lblW2D4.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(10).ToString("dd");
lblW2D5.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(11).ToString("dd");
lblW2D6.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(12).ToString("dd");
lblW2D7.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(13).ToString("dd");
lblW3D1.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(14).ToString("dd");
lblW3D2.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(15).ToString("dd");
lblW3D3.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(16).ToString("dd");
lblW3D4.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(17).ToString("dd");
lblW3D5.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(18).ToString("dd");
lblW3D6.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(19).ToString("dd");
lblW3D7.Text = scheduledatepicker.Value.AddDays(20).ToString("dd");

Or do I have to write all +/- 42 labels worth of code for each day?
 and I do not want to have the following months dates added to the labels after they hit the end of the month for the selected month in the datetimepicker names scheduledatepicker.

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