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how to invoke wcf service having list parameter

Jul 22 2013 4:36 AM
I have a webservice as below
<OperationContract()> <Web.WebGet(UriTemplate:="/GetData?strErrMsg={strErrMsg}&chrErrFlg={chrErrFlg}", ResponseFormat:=WebMessageFormat.Json, BodyStyle:=WebMessageBodyStyle.Wrapped)> _
Function GetData(ByRef strErrMsg As System.Collections.Generic.List(Of String), ByRef chrErrFlg As String) As String
And I am trying to fetch it as
But it is giving following error
Operation 'GetData' in contract 'iBedTypeMaster' has a query variable named 'strErrMsg' of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List1[System.String]', but type 'System.Collections.Generic.List1[System.String]' is not convertible by 'QueryStringConverter'. Variables for UriTemplate query values must have types that can be converted by 'QueryStringConverter'.
Please help me out to solve this

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