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How to lock student record

Oct 8 2012 3:02 PM

I have one Grid, i am binding students records to that Grid.

Ex: If one user is Login say user name is: santosh.

When the user login , he will see the Students Record in his page.

In GridView when we click on the Student name it will open another pop up window with that student record( ex: it will open studentedit.aspx page)

in studentedit.aspx page all the information about that student will be shown.

So another user also login (ex: Prasad)  into that site, he will also see the same GridView as Santosh.

Prasad also Clicked the same student record , so this student is already opened by santosh.

When santosh opened that student record. No other user has to open the record untill the santosh closed that student record.

Please give me reply.


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