How to Refresh Child Form Without Closing Parent Form In ASP.NET 2.0

Sep 10 2007 12:53 AM
i tell you what i want.........


I am developing  a web application using ASP.NET 2.0 AND VB.NET 2005 and Database in SQL SERVER 2005.

i hav 4 web form on my application -

1) Login.aspx

2) Default.aspx

3) ReportGrid.aspx

4) SaveToExcel.aspx


When user login it will trace the user ip address and view web form name.

it will replace that ip address to my defined format like: TO 192_168_12_05 and redirect to default.aspx

when user select some field from default.aspx and clicked on OK button all the selected field assemble in one counter and one store procedure is fired.

same time i write a code to count how many time a store procedure is fired and converted trace ip address to some format temp_final_(trace ip address)

for example:

temp_final_2(fired store procedure count)_192.168.12.05(trace ip address)

when user click on OK button it will redirect to ReportGrid web form and same time Default web form is also not closed.

In ReportGrid.aspx i have on GridView Which Is Displaying data based on fired Store Procedure in Default.aspx

I Want When user Select some value in dropdownlist in default.aspx, it will display data in ReportGrid.aspx based on user selection in dropdownlist controls and user can open multiple web form same time.

i already done this.

but my problem is when i select value in dropdownlist it will show gridview based on selection,

but when i back and select some different value and click on OK button it  show me gridview  based on my last  selection not  based on  current selection.
but let me tell you i don't want to refresh child window manually.
i want every time when user click on "OK" button it will show ReportGrid.aspx and form will be refresh automatically.

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