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How to run two Active Forms that pass data back and forth.

Jul 12 2019 12:44 AM

I am producing an application (C#.Net WFA) that has Form Members (FM) and Form Detailed Members (FDM). The former shows basic member details and the latter shows all member's details. FM displays a list of members while FDM shows individual members complete details. The FDM is involved by the user clicking on a member in FM. This not only starts Form Detailed Members but passes control to it, i.e the user cannot interact with FM until FDM is closed.
I want to change this behaviour so that both forms are active at the same time, which would allow the user to still be able to interact with FM while the details in FDM are refreshed when a new member is clicked in FM.
Can this and should this be done via threading ? Is there a more subtle method for this type of application.
Please note that FDM will be used to Update, Insert and delete members and hence data will be passed between both Forms in both directions.
Thanks you for your assistance.

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