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How to save text or file upload in modal using asp.net mvc?

Aug 11 2020 5:17 AM
Hi Team
I am working on modal etc on bootstrap, now  i am trying to figure it out but not sure. If i am using file upload. how do i save that file? Do i use jquery to do this on client side, if want that file to exist within the dabase layer? Please advice me as i am confuse need some clarity below, thanks.
  1. $(document).ready(function() {  
  2.     $.ajax({  
  3.         url: "Index/Account" // something like this///  
  4.     }).then(function(data) {  
  5.        $('.greeting-id').append(data.id);  
  6.        $('.greeting-content').append(data.content);  
  7.     });  
  8. });  

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