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How to search in a column where many queries topic exist?

Apr 1 2020 5:40 AM
In SQL database- in one table I Stored my data as sequence like- ID, Mobile, Country, Speciality. Where first 3 column inputted uniquely but  remaining 'Speciality' column contains [TAG] many more  things like Codeforces, Uva, C#, C++, dances, gardenning, cricket, soccer etc(Max count 100 like this).
I stored 'Speciality' column value as whole inputed string without comma && make it lowercase like-
"topcoder codeforces uva c++ c#"
Now I want to showing up those ID's in my datagridview by searching known or unknown tags with search textbox value.
Let, I want to Topcoder and Codeforces users. I will give input in search textbox typing only "Topcoder Codeforces"

I Want to know exact procedure- how to do that. or give a sample code please!!!
Thanks :)

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