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how to search name like firstname and lastname

Jul 1 2021 8:01 AM

how to search name if name is stored in database in single column as full name. and if i want to search name like first name and last name and also entering firstname first character and middle name first character and lastname as a surname in three texboxes.


i have three textboxes.

Textbox1 as FirstName , Textbox2 as MiddleName, Textbox3 as LastName

1) if i enter Firstname and lastname in textbox and name found in record than name should be display on label.

2) if i enter firstname first character middle name first character and enter surname in lastname than also should be display name on label.

3) if i enter onle firstname and lastname in textboxes than aslo should be display name on label

how to make this in c# web application.....

Note :- The name stored in table as fullname in single column..


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