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how to set selected date in datetime picker

Jan 18 2017 7:15 AM
hai  ,
         i have a 2 datetime picker  and 1 button in my  logsheet.php page ,i set  default date is today date in 2 datetime picker.when i change date and  click button, the datetime picker 
value is not change in datetime picker control.
this is  a code. 
<form action="logsheet.php" method="post">
Select Date :<input id="dtpFromDate" name="dtpFromDate" type="date" value="<?php print(date("Y-m-d"));?>" style="font-size:120%;text-align:center;background-color:#f9ecc7;font-weight:bold;"/>
to Date :
<input name="dtpToDate" type="date" value="<?php print(date("Y-m-d")); ?>" style="font-size:120%;text-align:center;background-color:#f9ecc7;font-weight:bold;"/>
if($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == "POST" and isset($_POST['Load']))
$userid= $_POST['username'];
$fromdate = $_POST['dtpFromDate'];
$todate =$_POST['dtpToDate'];
$sql = ("call sp_get_fulllog_sheet('$fromdate','$todate','$userid')");
$result = mysqli_query($mysqli, $sql);

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