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How to view guest book entries.

Sep 14 2009 5:32 PM
I am doing a guest book for my web site. The add guest book entry page is working fine.  Now I want to have a separate page for viewing entries that are already in the guest book.  No editing, just viewing.

The web page has a top section with navigation stuff, and a bottom section with contact info.  The Guestbook view should be in the middle between the two. I'd like to use read only text boxes for displaying the db stuff, and labels for the rest.

The issue is how do I create a variable number of entries?  There could be 20 guest book entries, or there could be 2, or there could be 200. How do I do this?

I thought about using GridView.. but examples I see shows each entry in the db table occupying one line.. what I want is something like this :

Date : September 14, 2009
Name : Joe Smith
Comments : Hi there my name is Joe and I am leaving some comments here. 
                    Nothing really going on.  Just a bit confused about how to load a variable
                    number of guest book entries on to a web page.

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