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IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with E_FAIL(0x80004005)

Nov 16 2011 7:40 AM
Hi could anybody help me please what is the problem with  my code?

I get this error IErrorInfo.GetDescription failed with E_FAIL(0x80004005)
on this row


I suppose that the error is in select statement. Here is the code

SELECT NOVI.GBR as gbrnov, NOVI.AB as abnov, NALOG1.DATA as datanov,Min(NALOG1.POCKM) AS MinOfPOCKM, Max(NALOG1.KRAJKM) AS MaxOfKRAJKM,(Max(NALOG1.KRAJKM)-Min(NALOG1.POCKM)) AS RAZLIKA,  (MAGACIN.KOL)/100 AS Potr100km, MAGACIN.SIFRA, (case when [MAGACIN.SIFRA]='0991000' then [MAGACIN.KOL] else null end as 'Gorivo', case when [MAGACIN.SIFRA]='0993050' then [MAGACIN.KOL] else null end as 'Maslo'), NOVI.DATAP AS poslprov, NOVI.DATAS AS poslservis FROM (NALOG1 INNER JOIN MAGACIN ON NALOG1.GBRV=MAGACIN.GBR) INNER JOIN NOVI ON NALOG1.GBRV=NOVI.GBR where ( ( ( (NOVI.GBR)>=? And (NOVI.GBR)<=? ) ) AND (   (NOVI.AB)=?   or  (NOVI.AB)=?) AND ( ( (NALOG1.DATA)>=?) and ((NALOG1.DATA)<=?) ) ) GROUP BY NOVI.GBR, NOVI.AB, NALOG1.DATA,  NOVI.DATAP, NOVI.DATAS

Before I insert the code for MAGACIN.SIFRA and MAGACIN.KOL everything worked fine.


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