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Jan 30 2014 4:03 AM
Hi friends...

I would like to share an important issue that have recently happened with one of my close friends.

A guy in her office had proposed her.

For 1 week, they were friends.

In this time, my friend had actually fallen in love with him.

The guy asked for here pics. She gave them as she had full faith in him.

Now, this guy have totally hacked her gmail account and is torturing her saying that he will display all her pics in public.

This is a case of mental harrassment.

To all girls - Please do not do this mistake. Please take care that this should not happen to you.
To all guys - Girls are humans. Please do not play with someone's feelings like this.

1 last request - If anyone knows how to get the gmail password, please let me know.

We have tried Forgot Password link. But, Mobile number, Seconday Email ID, Security Question, and Password all are changed.