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Import Excel to Existing SharePoint list through InfoPath

May 29 2016 3:45 AM


Currently I am struggling to achieve a functionality for my client in SharePoint 2013 with InfoPath 2013 form.

Following is the requirement:

1. User should be able to attach an excel file filled with user data while creating new item in SharePoint list(The excel generally contains 10-20 records with 5 columns of details)

2. Once the file is attached user can click a button to import the records from the same excel which will import excel records in a secondary list.

3. The imported records should be treated as child records for the current item.

I am not able to find the right approach to accomplish this is there any out of the box solution for this or do I need to take the help of custom coding, any Idea on the same would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

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