In Blazor Server-Side, Navmenu is not updating after user login

Jun 24 2021 11:30 AM



I am presently using Blazor Server-side for an Learning Management System type format assignment. Presently we have our login pages, dashboard, profile page, etc. already created with navlinks in the navmenu. However, after a user first logs in, we have it redirect to their "dashboard", but the navmenu is not updating (presently all they can see is "Home" until they login, then it should show all navlinks). So after they login, they have to hit "Home" navlink in the navmenu, before it will refresh and display all the other navlinks (Dashboard, Profile, Registration, etc.). 

My question is, how do I force the navmenu to update, as soon as they login and are redirected to the dashboard page? So that the user doesn't have to click "home" navlink to update it.


Thank you for your help.


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