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In SQL Query - How to get Most recent records in custom query

Feb 21 2021 12:11 AM

Could you please let me know, I have written a query to handle below conditions, can you please let me know If its anything wrong with this, I am not getting latest records based on Entry Date.

If a Entry date after the return date, please include the Entry date. If there has not been a Entry Date, please leave blank. If there are multiple Entry Date select last entry date.
Current Output is
MultiplePayments AccountId PolicyNumber PaymentDate    ReversalDate
1                               92                789                2018-05-18     2018-05-17
Based on the tables records latest entry date is - this is correct answer
MultiplePayments AccountId PolicyNumber PaymentDate ReversalDate
1                                   92          789                   2020-06-21 2020-06-20
 My Query :-
drop table if exists #tempPolicyDetails;
create table #tempPolicyDetails
PolicyNumber nvarchar(10)
--Main temp table - It will hold 10k Polices at a time
INSERT INTO #tempPolicyDetails (PolicyNumber) VALUES
--DROP Table if exists @tempPolicyReturnDetails;
DECLARE @tempPolicyReturnDetails TABLE (AccountId BIGINT,PolicyNumber NVARCHAR(10), ReversalDate DateTime,EntryDate DateTime)
WHILE EXISTS(SELECT Top 1 1 FROM #tempPolicyDetails) -- It loops for 5K/10K Polices
DECLARE @PolicyNumber NVARCHAR(10)
SELECT TOP 1 @PolicyNumber = PolicyNumber FROM #tempPolicyDetails
SELECT @AccountId =AccountId FROM PolicyInfo where AccountReference = @PolicyNumber
-- This gives all Policy Return (Check or Card) Details
INSERT INTO @tempPolicyReturnDetails (AccountId,PolicyNumber,EntryDate,ReversalDate)
SELECT a.InitialAllocationAccountId,@PolicyNumber,a.EntryDate,b.ReversalDate
from PaymentInfo a JOIN PaymentReversalInfo b ON a.PaymentId = b.PaymentId
where AccountId IN (@AccountId)
ORDER by a.EntryDate DESC
DELETE FROM #tempPolicyDetails WHERE PolicyNumber = @PolicyNumber
-- This Gives Result of Payment date is more than Return Date and If multiple payments then it gives latest Payment Date
CASE -- If there has not been a payment, please leave blank.
WHEN Result.EntryDate = ''
ELSE Result.EntryDate
END AS PaymentDate,
ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY AccountId ORDER BY a.EntryDate DESC) AS MultiplePayments,
FROM @tempPolicyReturnDetails a
WHERE a.EntryDate > a.ReversalDate --Payment date is more than Return Date
) Result
MultiplePayments = 1
ORDER BY Result.EntryDate DESC

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