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Yves Guyon

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Just need some great feedback on my career

Oct 24 2018 2:13 PM
I'm looking at some general feedback. I'm 44 year old and I have been programing in C# for a round a year. In my prevouis role I have done varouis task in maintenaing several legacy application.
Now I'm finding myself at a struggle with C# and MVC in working in some project, maybe because of my lack of knowldge.  Due to my age and trying to compete with programmer half of my age, I believe I should keep learning C# and also focus on .net core and maybe get an Azure certification... And on top get myself very familiar with a java script framework. 
I'm dedicated to do very good in a few year and be the best, i just feel because of my age and my past experiance I sometime I want to quit... Need some feedback on where I should focus my plan...

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