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Looking for C# book that just explains the core library

Dec 2 2019 4:19 PM
I'm looking for some C# book that explains the main classes of the C# standard library and provides some code samples ("recipes") how to use them.
I found several books titles something like C# cookbook, but they all explained the C# programming language rather than the standard library. Bein a Java developer it took me a while till i understood I have to look after books that explain the .NET Core Library. I also found some books there, but they only had a chapter about the basics. The other chapters were about web development with ASP.NET, game development, micro services, etc.
I just need a book that explains the basics like the main classes of the collection hierarchy, how to read and write files, how does the date class work, how does socket programming work. Surfing a lot on the Internet I couldn't find something that was a good fit.
So I would be thankful for any hint to some good book that covers the basics of the .NET core library.
Thank you, Oliver

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