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Misuse of Comments in C# Corner Website

Feb 1 2016 12:29 PM
C# Corner Team, is doing really good job by adding cool features to this site but 1 thing which I thing is not cool is 1 Point for each comment. I saw many guys are posting comments without reading the article carefully. They are doing this only for the points. 
 I have seen such thing many times.How can person read 10+ Article withing 5 minutes and judge them. This is nothing more than spamming all articles. They are doing such things only for the points. More Points you earn per month, more will be your chances to become monthly winner. I am saying all this because I saw some guys who are posting really good articles but not appreciated. 
I think, C# Corner have to add limits on points per day generating through comments (much better, if limit is added on daily basis). This is my personal opinion but I want to hear on the same from top members  or Developers of C# Corners.
I hope you will look in this matter and do your best (as always). Please must Share your opinion on the same.

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