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Multiple File Upload - JQuery

Mar 20 2016 6:04 PM
Dear All...

I need the following -
When a user clicks a button, a panel must be opened.
Then, user will click "Browse" button and select only pdf and image file.
Then user must be able to drag and drop the selected files to the panel.
And then, wehn the user clicks "Done" button - All files must be uploaded - and the current date and time (system date and time) will prefix the file name.
Eg -
If files selected are -
1. ImageGlass.jpg - then - file must be - 1stMarch2016_ImageGlass.jpb
2. TestPolicy.pdf - then - file must be - 1stMarch2016_TestPolicy.pdf
At a time, the user can select only 5 files.
Please help me -- I am not able to make this using JQuery and asp.net c#.
No MVC. Only 3-tire architecture.

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