MultiUser Winform Application

Aug 12 2010 12:42 AM
I need to know the following information regarding development of Multiuser windows application using VB-2005 and MS-SQL Server 2005.

(1) Which Data Access method is feasible i.e: DataSet or DataReader.

(2) if DataSet what will happen when two users has open dataset of same table and one user delete a record does the deleted record still visible to second user?

(3) Is there any VB6 DB Connection style locking types like adOpenStatic, adOpenDynamic and Cursor types like adLockOptimistic, adLockPessimistic in ADO.Net 2.0?

(4) What will be connection string to connect remote database from different locations?

(5) Any other precautions regarding development of this type of application.

kindly provide answers ASAP.


Zeeshan Ahmad

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