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MVC project Architure with Model and Data layer Separate

Jun 1 2020 1:46 AM
Hy guys,
Can any one help me to make a mvc project architecture?
Actually i got a requiremnet for a new project  they specifyed the architecture somthing like ,
"Solution consisting of 3 projects a class library for core Models and interface, a class Library for Data Access and Repositories and a MVC Project." 
I am confused about  to implement "class library for core Models and interface"  what exactly should be there?
If i define my model class property in this class library project then what should be inside the model folder which contains in MVC application Project ?
Another thing what interface i need to implement in side the class libarary project    "class library for core Models and interface"? 
I do not have problem with data access and repositories but only with the model class library!
If anyone know or understood what exactly the requirement is, then i would love to hear that! 

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