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MVC Project Queries

Jul 12 2021 11:39 AM

I am new to mvc.I have gone through one video tutorial for project. In that tutorial ,inside layout view and index view instead of any html table, only div were used having bootstrap class and external css used for each div. Following classes were used.For one div more than one classes were used. Can anybody tell me meaning of these classes. 1: Active 2: Hidden 3: col-md-6

I have few queries

1 : Is it necessary to give style to element with the help of css only. If style given directly to element is also fine?

2 : For every view,will there will be each diff style sheet or one global style sheet will be there which can be used by many developer.Style sheet should not contain diff style for same class.

3 : Instead of any helper method (helper textbox method),directly html tag (input type for textbox)were used.

When to used html helper and when to used html control?

4: @Styles.Render("~/Content/css),this method was commented in layout page. I have seen this section in bundle.config file which include 2 css file on bootstrap.css and site.css and used like below

5: this link is used instead of helper method

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