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Mysqlparameter issue while mysql in aspl.net

Jan 8 2019 10:00 PM
Hi ,
I am new to mysql and  i  have created the stored procedure for insert the data into mysql database .When i am using the mysqlparameter its shows like :
I share the code , suggest me the solution for this ,
public int InsertCompanyMaster(PLCOMMON ObjPL)
MySqlParameter[] _param = {
//new MySqlParameter("@cm_id ",ObjPL.Comp_ID),
new MySqlParameter("cm_no ",ObjPL.Cm_no),
new MySqlParameter("cm_name,",ObjPL.Comp_Name),
new MySqlParameter("cm_address ",ObjPL.Comp_Address),
new MySqlParameter("cm_contactperson ",ObjPL.Comp_ContactPerson),
new MySqlParameter("cm_contactno ",ObjPL.Cm_ContacNumber),
new MySqlParameter("cm_email ",ObjPL.Cm_Email),
new MySqlParameter("cm_alias",ObjPL.Comp_Alias),
_INS = ObjMain.ExecuteProcedure("SP_CompanyMaster_Insert", _param);
catch (Exception ex)
throw ex;
return _INS;
Thanks in advance 

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