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Need help with Unity + Caching

Jun 26 2020 10:13 AM

Hey guys, So we're trying to implement our new caching strategy using Unity Interception.

I have a good basic understanding of it and we're going to use interception via attribute.

so like:

[cache] public int getNumber() {}

I already have my cacheHandler class which inherits from ICallHandler. I already have my cacheAttribute class which inherits from HandlerAttribute.

And when i put the attribute [cache] as per the cacheAttribute compiles fine, runs fine.....BUT it never hits those classes.

I figured I need to register things (in vague terms) in the unity container but i dont' know where and how ....and maybe policy too ?

An alternative is using Postsharp for this whole thing...but i've been told that's a last resort and they want to use unity as a first choice.

Thanks in advance guys.

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