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.net passive mvp implementation w unity novice questions

Apr 19 2021 1:09 AM

where view doesn't know about presenter, just raises events... presenter knows views controls (idk how to do the one where to make the presenter as if it was calling a console, for unit tests...)

  1. should view contain ui logic, or all logic is in the presenter?

  2. if view event is raised, should presenter call view's method or should presenter do the magic and tell view what control to change?

  3. We're using a single form like sidebar with many usercontrols in the main panel, should presenters be separate from each other? even the main one?

  4. When calling dispose to save resources, what happens to the presenter it's associated to? i get an error because the view is not there because deleted, check if null, create one with unity? what lifetime manager? should i dispose presenter too? how do i recreate it then if yes?

  5. unity what lifetime manager is best? it's in the program.cs

thank you all in adv :))