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NEWBIE ALERT!! Can anybody help to give me tips!!

Mar 8 2018 9:21 AM
ok guys, i am very new to c# and i am learning as we speak.
Now i am trying to create a 1 page website, basically it will sit behind a already made login page... I do not need help with the coding side but i really need help with the user interface side (i.e the design page) what i need to display is a short example below
              Quantity Build 
               Target Build
          Fsaa    Fsa  Fsb   Fsc
 HR1   29      29     24     25
 Big number here that increments
 after each operation has passed 
 HR2   58       58     52     50
 ETC   87       87     81     75
Also at the bottom of the page i need a bar that increases as the minutes
of the day goes by underneath the big number count.... i do not need the table added, i just need all of the info to display on one page... not sure what tools will best suit for the job,
can someone please give me advise on how they would create this UI please. any input would be appreciated...
I dont need coding tips, just advise on how to create this layout, what tools i will need to use... many thanks,,,
p.s i am using visual studio 2015 on c#

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