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npx create-react gives an error on VS Code command

May 18 2022 10:28 AM

Good day


I am trying to create a React App, using the command and some how i am experience this problem on VS Code.


npm ERR! network Socket timeout
npm ERR! network This is a problem related to network connectivity.
npm ERR! network In most cases you are behind a proxy or have bad network settings.
npm ERR! network 
npm ERR! network If you are behind a proxy, please make sure that the
npm ERR! network 'proxy' config is set properly.  See: 'npm help config'

npm ERR!     C:\Users\De Legend 'Respect'\AppData\Local\npm-cache\_logs\2022-05-18T09_14_45_794Z-debug-0.log

Aborting installation.
  npm install --no-audit --save --save-exact --loglevel error react react-dom react-scripts cra-template has failed.


// file extension from the log files

0 verbose cli C:\Program Files (x86)\nodejs\node.exe C:\Users\De Legend 'Respect'\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\npm\bin\npm-cli.js
1 info using npm@8.10.0
2 info using node@v16.15.0
3 timing npm:load:whichnode Completed in 3ms
4 timing config:load:defaults Completed in 6ms
5 timing config:load:file:C:\Users\De Legend 'Respect'\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\npm\npmrc Completed in 59ms
6 timing config:load:builtin Completed in 61ms
7 timing config:load:cli Completed in 12ms
8 timing config:load:env Completed in 4ms

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