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OCR Convertion Error - Language Eror

Dec 22 2012 3:06 AM
Dear friend i am develop OCR software using C# (.net 3.5 framework). its not converting imaqge to text .its so "OCR running error". how can i fix the error. i ama post my code here

C# code

 public void Analyse()
            if (_MODIDocument == null) return;
                // add event handler for progress visualisation
                _MODIDocument.OnOCRProgress += new MODI._IDocumentEvents_OnOCRProgressEventHandler(this.ShowProgress);

                // the MODI call for OCR
                _MODIDocument.OCR(_MODIParameters.Language, _MODIParameters.WithAutoRotation, _MODIParameters.WithStraightenImage);
                statusBar1.Text = "Ready.";   --> Error Place
            catch (Exception ee)
                // simple exception "handling"

Its very urgent please some one help me....