Passing a selected record from one datagridview to another

Sep 19 2013 7:50 AM
Hi All,

I'm developing a windows form application using VS2012 .NET 3.5.
I'm having a problem of adding new record to a datagridview2 from a selected row from another datagridview1.

In brief:
I have one datagridview1 with few records and another datagridview2 with few records.
I want to append/merge selected one row (in datagridview cell double click event) in datagridview1 to datagridview2.
Say my datagridview2 had 2 records initially. now after this action it's having 3 records.

at the moment i'm having a code but it doesn't merge/append data to 2nd grid. Just overwrite.

Can anybody please send me a sample code for the same. I tried some posts but failed.


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