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Passing methods

Jun 21 2021 11:52 AM

I am building a web to increase the efficiency at work, which let the secretary to upload doc to the mangers and I already create the DB but I stuck on one area and I need a help on the code


 public class DocumentClass

        public static void createDocument(string brief, string notes, string Content, string url, string outputurl, int status,
            int manager, int creatdby)
             ArchivingEntities2 model = new ArchivingEntities2();
            Document doc = model.Documents.Create();
            doc.Brief = brief;//WebForm
            doc.Notes = notes;// Add field note to webForm
            doc.URL = url;//?? to pass it to content function
            doc.Content = Content;//OCR content -> call content function
            doc.OutputUrl = outputurl;//on pending status it will be null
            doc.Status = status;//Pending
            doc.Manager = manager;//DropDownList
            doc.CreatedBy = creatdby;//Session
            doc.CreatedOn = doc.lastModifydate = DateTime.Now;//Current DateTime

        public static List<Document> GetDocumentsForCoordinator(int userid)
        {      ( I NEED HELP HERE !!!!!!!!!!)

            return null;

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