pausing a print job

Mar 5 2005 6:46 AM
Hi all, i am developing a software ,,which will helpfull for the network administrator in such a way will provide efficiency to the printer.. my software is explained as this software will restrict the user to use the printer....for example... the network administrator will provide a database for the user that e.g, "abc" user can only print 3 pages...if user send 4 number of prints from any place means from network or any software then then the message box come to the user that u r restricted to use on 3 pages...the boundries of such software are completed.....the main module that when the user send the print job to printer then the job should cancelled and read the database and according to that data base there will be printing pages to certain users... So i have to take help that ....plz made me this help that this module i m tying a lot ..but not happening that the job should canelled first of the printer and then job according to database apply...please programmes help me .I will very thankful to all...I will wait for yours response and the code also related to this module.. Lot of thanx for solving my problem

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