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Platform for OnPremises CRUD SQL Server Application Development

Aug 10 2022 10:07 AM


I would like to develop rather simple CRUD applications that to work with SQL Server databases that we host on premises.

I am not a professional developer but in the last couple of years I have become fairly proficient in SQL, Power Automate, Power Apps and Logic Apps and Power Query so that I was able to create some cloud based CRUD solutions and retrieve and view data on premises in Excel. I can also run the ETLs that we need to get data into the SQL databases from other sources. 

Now, I am looking to create solutions that will not only allow me to display data from the SQL server, but to also enter new data or change existing data. All our users run Windows PCs. The Windows users (in the On Premises AD) and their security groups are known to the SQL server. Rights for access to the data are handled by the database.
In future, I would also like to be able to create simple web applications that will allow to display records and add new records depending on the user's Azure AD login (we have an Azure AD besides the Windows AD on premises).

I like the idea of low code, but I also don't want to be trapped in a closed development environment that will cause ongoing licensing costs.
So, my question is: what platform/development environment/programming language should I learn and use to be able to do create the first solutions and then later graduate to cloud-based solutions?

Thank you!

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