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Feb 28 2019 3:02 AM
Prepare a new windows forms application. Give it a name – InvoiceManager. The program will have a text input, into which a user enters a path to a file. Next, the user presses the button and the file is read and processed by the program. If the file does not exist, appropriate message is shown to the user.
The program expects text files to be in format:
InvoiceDate Amount 2010-01-01 1000
                                  2011-05-02 2000
                                  2010-01-01 5000
                                  2019-01-11 4000
The date format is always YYYY-MM-DD, and an amount is always an integer. They are separated with a tab. The program should read the file and display the output in some text area in the form. The output should be like this: Total dates: 3, total amount 12000.

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