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POST Request in JQuery

Aug 6 2013 3:30 AM
Hey people, just had a small doubt regarding the ajax POST to a controller.... Basically my end result would be a list of data in grouped format, which might look something like this...

Time : 09:45 AM Saturday

Time : 11:15 AM Saturday

So basically I want a group header above each sorted list of data.... The above example shows that I want a Time Header on top of each sorted list... Similary there will be Room No, Alaphabets, etc.... I am planning to pass/post a key value something like a "Time" or "Room" or "Alpha"... This will be posted to the Controller, the Controller will take an action on the passed value.. I will fire a LINQ Query and show the result on the View...

So is it possible to get/fetch the entire sorted cum grouped list of data directly in my JQuery function and then display it on the view? I don't know whether my above mentioned information would make sense to you or not... But please let me know. Thanks

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