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Prizes Shipped - Tracking Details

Oct 8 2010 6:11 AM
We are not able to send the 128GB flash drive as it is not available in the Indian market now.

We have already sent 8GB flash drive to the persons listed below:
  1. Abhimanyu Kumar Vatsa - 5003310197
  2. Destin Joy  - 5003310474
  3. Suthish Nair - 5003310649
  4. Kirtan Patel - 5003322236
  5. Ravish Sindhwani  - 5003322381
4GB to the following person:
  1. Tanmay Sarkar  - 5003309333
All this are send through It will be delivered within 7 days. The number given along with the name is the order number. You can track your shipment through this number.

Note: Mr. Jitendra Sampathirao - Your shipment will be send separately. As they don't deliver in your city.

Note: Please let us know when you recieve the shipment.

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