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Problems with Intellisense in 17.4.1 ?

Nov 28 2022 3:06 PM

I recently upgraded to the latest VS2022 (17.4.1) and   wish I hadn't bothered

I am constantly having "CSharpAddImportCodeFixProvider" come up with enable etc options when debugging
Throughout debugging, the system gets very unstable, with red squigglies everywhere in the source code after I make a change, despite F10 still working,.

The Error List retains errors that are not actually there, sometimes many of them, anf then I click F10 and they disappear (sometimes)

Sometimes it even blocks all keystrokes when trying to edit the source during a debug session. I have also seen several other  similar crashes applying to CSHARp.......... messages giving me problems.

Has anyone  else seen this issue, or got a workaround, as it is friving me nuts  ??