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Problems with Serial Ports under .Net since Windows 11

Nov 20 2023 8:17 AM


since the newest Version of Windows 11 coming out, I found out that my application which allows Serial Port usage since 2007 und C# .Net isn't working anymore correct. I saw other people having the same kind of problems and I wonder if anybody has a solution or an explanation why Windows 11 doesn't let Open a serial port anymore ? I asked on the Microsoft TechNet Community but except someone confirming the problem I had no help yet. That's why I try here now. To show the exception from the Open command I add some code snippet in here in form of a picture showing the code and the exception.

For more information you can contact me if any special questions about configuration Windows Version etc are required, but I can say from 2007 to today in all previous versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 10 these functions where working and now the exception when the Open method is called:

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