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Query for Holidays as per Attendance Table

Jan 27 2019 10:25 AM
I have Holiday Master table given below.
Hold_No numeric
Hold_From Date
Hold_To Date
Hold_Type varchar(50)
I have Attendance Table is given below.
Atn_No Numeric
Atn_Date Date
Atn_EmpNo numeric
Atn_Type Varchar(50)
What want is check in Attendance if Type is "OD" then check in Holiday Master how many days are OD as per Holidays in Attendance.
Hold_No Hold_From Hold_To Hold_Type
1 01-Jan-19 02-Jan-19 XYZ
2 05-Jan-19 05-Jan-19 LMN
Atn_No Atn_Date Atn_EmpNo Atn_Type
1 01-Jan-19 1 OD
2 02-Jan-19 1 AB
3 03-Jan-19 1 OD
4 04-Jan-19 1 SL
5 05-Jan-19 1 OD
6 06-Jan-19 1 OD
7 07-Jan-19 1 OD
8 08-Jan-19 1 OD
as per above Output No. of Holidays is 2

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