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Question Related to C-sharp Program with OOP Concept?

Dec 10 2019 10:49 AM
So I am going to attach rar file image
in this image 2 QUestion which is related to oop oreint progaming can anyone solve this and
Can anyone give more questsion like this
You can open image and if anyone not open so i am going to write down the question so the quesstion is
Q| Create a class of Item consist of item id,item,name,quanitiy,price, with parametrized constructors. Make method show quantity() which will showw the updated quantitty of item.
*Create only 1 object of item class by the following values 1, 7up, hundred and 50 by using constructor.
*In a loop ask the user how much quantity to purchase
*After user input the quantity it shows the remaning quantity of 7up.
*If he input more quantity then inventory present then programm will show and the quantity is less than order.
*The process continue until user press 1 to exit.

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